Opuscula 2 | 2009

Opuscula 2 | 2009 – Annual of the Swedish Institutes at Athens and Rome

Serie Opuscula, 2

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  • Opuscula, 2
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K. Demakopoulou et al., Excavations in Midea 2007

S. Voutsaki et al., Radiocarbon analysis and the history of the East Cemetery, Asine

L. Karlsson, Labraunda 2008. A preliminary report on the Swedish excavations with contributions by Jesper Blid and Olivier Henry

A. Penttinen & Berit Wells et al., Report on the excavations in the years 2007 and 2008 southeast of the Temple of Poseidon at Kalaureia


T. Theodoropoulou, The sea-shells from the excavations in Area H in the Sanctuary of Poseidon at Kalaureia in 2007 and 2008

B. Wells, A smiting-god-figurine found in the Sanctuary of Poseidon at Kalaureia


A. Karydas, In situ analysis of a bronze figurine in the Poros Archaeological Museum

J. Wallensten & J. Pakkanen, A new inscribed statue base from the Sanctuary of Poseidon at Kalaureia

J. Pakkanen, A tale of three drums: An unfinished Archaic votive column in the Sanctuary of Poseidon at Kalaureia

D. Grassinger, Zersägte Köpfe. Die Transformation antiker Porträts zu monumentalen Gemmenbildern im 18. Jahrhundert

Y. Backe-Forsberg, The Brygos painter at San Giovenale

Thomas Staub, Decorative effects and room functions. The evidence of thresholds studied in the residential quarters of Insula V 1, Pompeii

A.-L. Schallin, In memoriam: Berit Wells

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