Opuscula 3 | 2010

Opuscula 3 | 2010 – Annual of the Swedish Institutes at Athens and Rome

Serie Opuscula, 3

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  • Publicerad 2010
  • Isbn 9789197779821
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  • Opuscula, 3
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K. Demakopoulou et al. Excavations in Midea 2008-2009

J.K. Papadopoulos The bronze headbands of prehistoric Lofkënd and their Aegean and Balkan connections

M.G. Scapaticci Un inedito lastrone a scala da Tarquinia presso l'Antiquiarum di Monte Romano

L. Karlsson Labraunda 2009. A preliminary report on the Swedish excavations with contributions by Jesper Blid and Olivier Henry

A.-M.Leander Touati Water, well-being and social complexity in Insula V 1. A Pompeian city block revisited

J. Habetzeder Marsyas in the garden? Small-scale sculptures referring to Marsyas in the forum

F. Gilotta Chiusi e il Clusium Group. Un nuovo documento dagli scavi di Orvieto

E. Weiberg Pictures and people. Seals, figurines and Peloponnesian imagery

Rec. E. Rystedt S. Langdon: Art and identity in Dark Age Greece, 1100-700 B.C.E.

Rec. E. Rystedt V. Karageorghis, A lifetime in the archaeology of Cyprus