From Ephesos till Dalecarlia







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From Ephesos till Dalecarlia – Reflections on body, space and time in medieval and early modern Europe

Laila Kitzler Åhfeldt (red.), Anna Kjellström (red.), Elisabet Regner (red.), Cecilia von Heijne (red.)

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Today, the archaeological study of the medieval period ranges from the end of antiquity to the Reformation of the 16th century, and from the shores of the Mediterranean to the northern parts of Sweden. This book explores the range of research conducted at the Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies at Stockholm University and at the Museum of National Antiquities by bringing together authors from several different fields of research. The themes covered by this book range from the more historiographical to current excavations, from rune-stones to mining, monasticism and iconography. Together, the articles highlight the diverse and heterogeneous nature of the period but also that issues of body, space and time are at the centre of medieval research.