Magister Mathias Lincopensis : Exposicio super Apocalypsim







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Magister Mathias Lincopensis : Exposicio super Apocalypsim

Ann-Marie Billing-Ottosson (red.)

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  • Publicerad 2003
  • Isbn 9197380369
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  • 480 sidor

This dissertation contains the first critical edition of Exposicio super Apocalypsim, written by the Swedish 14th century theologian Magister Mathias Lincopensis. The commentary, which covers the first fifteen chapters of St. John's Apocalypse, became well-known especially thanks to Bernardino of Siena and Nicolaus Cusanus, both of whom made copies of it. It is now preserved in 18 MSS, some of them fragmentary. Mathias interpreted the Bible text allegorice, mystice and moraliter. He criticized his own time, the heresies and the decay of the Church. The Christians will be afflicted by many tribulations and temptations, but God will succour his Church. At the end of the time the Antichrist will come portending the last Judgement, when only a few will be saved.

The manuscripts are divided into two main groups, the Bernardinian and the so-called independent. This edition is founded on the last group, especially on MS U.

Key-words: Magister Mathias, Bernardino, Birgitta, apocalypse.

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