Book V of St Birgitta’s Uppenbarelser







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Book V of St Birgitta’s Uppenbarelser – Edited from Ms Cod. Ups. C 61

Bridget Morris

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  • Publicerad 1991
  • Typ Häftad
  • 163 sidor
  • Engelska

This book contains a diplomatic edition of the Swedish text of Book V of St Birgitta's Revelations (the Liber Questionum), from the Uppsala MS C61, dating from about 1500.

The Introduction contains a general description of the MS, with particular emphasis on the section containing Book V (pp. 539- 639). The relationship of C 6i to the other three extant MSS containing Book V is also discussed in the Introduction , and it is argued that in spite of its many corrupt readings, C61 shows a greater overall closeness to the original translation than the other Swedish MSS, and therefore it must be taken into account in the reconstruction of the original translation of Book V. The nature of the translation is also considered in the Introduction: some of the translator's methods in paraphrasing the Latin text are examined, and an attempt is made to identify which of the extant Latin MSS might be a source for the translation.