Två senmedeltida räkenskapsböcker







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Två senmedeltida räkenskapsböcker

Zeth Alvered

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  • Publicerad 2000
  • Isbn 9197380318
  • Typ Häftad
  • 102 sidor
  • Svenska

Roughly half of the pages of this volume constitute critical editions of two late medieval account books, kept for Falke Gregersson (Lillie) and his widow Britta Hansdotter (Tott), C 34 and C 35 respectively, in the National Record Office (Riksarkivet) , Stockholm. This work can be seen as a follow-up of the author's editions ofGregers Matsson's account books (Gregers Matssons räkenskaper, 1996), and Gregers Matsson's food and fodder book for Stegeborg 1487-1492 (Gregers Matssons kostbok för Stegeborg 1487-1492, 1999), which contain the author's editions of the hitherto unpublished written remains ofGregers Matsson Lillie, the father of Folke Gregersson. (Cf the Abstract of Alvered 1996, and Alvered 1999 p. 9 2nd paragraph. The account books of Gregers' son-in-law Me Jonsson Svarte Skaning, C 25-27 in the National Record Office, still remain unpublished. Like C 35, they pertain to the estate of Åkerö in Södermanland.)

The philological edition is accompanied by a commentary and registers of individuals, places, and words. These registers should enhance the usefulness of the edition, not least for other disciplines, perhaps history in particular. The commentary takes up some linguistic features of those of the 16 different hands which have written more than just a few lines. Other subjects of commentaries include the physical appearance of the manuscript; scribes and their handwriting; and words of special semantic interest (included in the word registers). Concerning the genre of medieval accounting as well as measures, weights, and coinage, reference is mainly made to the previous editions mentioned above. The edition is illustrated with an appendix of 10 photographs showing samples of the different hands and the covers of the volumes.

Keywords: philology, transcription, analysis of handwriting, Old Swedish, medieval accounts, Lindö, Åkerö.

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