Smärre texter och undersökningar 2







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Smärre texter och undersökningar 2

Börje Tjäder

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  • Publicerad 1998
  • Isbn 9197174556
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  • 110 sidor
  • Svenska

The present volume is the second in a recently launched series intended to contain short contributions in which Old Swedish texts are published and/or commented on. The first essay, by Lennart Moberg, Emeritus Professor of Scandinavian Languages, deals with a text in 'Bridgettine Norwegian' to be found in Cod. Skokloster 5 at the Swedish National Archives. This text is clearly based on notes in St Bridget's own hand and, despite the Norwegian elements in it, offers a good insight into her own use of language.

In the second essay, by the late Dr Hans H. Range, three previously unpublished Old Swedish homilies are published and commented on: one on Andrew, one on Nicholas and one on the Virgin Mary, all of them from Cod. C 181 at Uppsala University Library. In the author's view, the texts can be dated to 1475-1500 and the manuscript was probably produced at Vadstena Abbey.

The third essay, by Professor Per-Axel Wiktorsson, provides examples of texts found on medieval parchment covers. Some of them are Latin texts with Old Swedish elements (personal and place-names), while the others are written purely in Old Swedish, including a fragment of the fourth book of St Bridget's revelations.

Keywords: philology, Old Swedish, watermarks, homilies, legends, text fragments on parchment covers, St Bridget, Vadstena Abbey.

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