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Explore Gotland – 101 must-see places. Your guide to Gotland's nature and culture

Sara Eliason, Lena Ideström, Anna Jutehammar

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  • Publicerad 2022
  • Isbn 9789189121140
  • Typ Häftad
  • 302 sidor
  • Engelska

Welcome to Gotland, a singular place with miles of beaches, awe-inspiring sea stacks, unique wildlife and scenery, a noteworthy building tradition and dramatic history.

This eclectic guide contains 101 sites across the entire island, carefully chosen to offer a holistic experience of Gotland. Maps, descriptions and illustrations guide the visitor to meadows, shingle shores, picture stones, archaeological sites, fishing bases, and much more. There are in-depth chapters on Gotland's history, landscape and wildlife and churches. Traces of the past are omnipresent. Explore Gotland!