Kritisk etnografi - Swedish Journal of Anthropology, 2023, Vol. 6 (1-2)







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Kritisk etnografi - Swedish Journal of Anthropology, 2023, Vol. 6 (1-2)

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  • Publicerad 2023
  • Isbn 9789189840225
  • Typ Häftad
  • 140 sidor
  • kritisk etnografi, 6
  • Svenska

This volume of kritisk etnografi – Swedish Journal of Anthropology is a compilation of two issues. The first issue is themed THE FUTURE OF DIVERSITY bringing together four articles from the 2022 Vega Symposium that focused on the SSAG Medalist Thomas Hylland Eriksen’s work. The key argument is that the widespread belief in global homogenization can be misleading, and that it is important to investigate new, emerging, or formerly unmarked forms of diversity as well. Alf Hornborg, Veronica Strang, and Paige West contribute with papers that flesh out the argument of the thematic issue. The issue also includes papers by Sten Hagberg, and Ulf Hannerz.

The second issue is composed of five papers on the theme THE FEAR AMONG US. Introduced by guest editors Anna Gustafsson and Eva-Maria Hardtmann, the issue amply shows that the discipline of anthropology is particularly well suited for understanding how certain groups of people and individuals are framed as dangerous within public discourse. The job of anthropologists is to situate constructions of fear and danger in relation to modes of Othering at a given time and place. In addition to Gustafsson, and Hardtmann’s individual contributions, two other papers – one by Kenneth Bo Nielsen, M. Sudhir Selvaraj, and Alf Gunvald Nilsen, and another by Per Ståhlberg – contribute to the thematic issue. The issue that also includes a paper by Jörgen Hellman.

kritisk etnografi – Swedish Journal of Anthropology is an independent journal run by researchers, and as such, it presents a tangible alternative to the business model of commercial publishers. It is owned and published by the Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography (Svenska Sällskapet för Antropologi och Geografi). The journal is peer-reviewed, online, open access without any costs for authors or readers, and publishes original research articles, as well as reports from Swedish anthropological community. kritisk etnografi aims to foster responsible scholarship with global scope, local relevance and public engagement.