Excavations at Helgö XVI





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Excavations at Helgö XVI – Exotic and Sacral Finds from Helgö

Bo Gyllensvärd, Jan Peder Lamm, Morten Axboe, Peter Harbison, Synnöve Reisborg, Torun Zachrisson

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The book contains six articles by different authors:

Bo Gyllensvärd, The Buddha found at Helgö

Peter Harbison, The Helgö crozier head

Morten Axboe, The bracteates from Helgö

Jan Peder Lamm, Figural gold foils found in Sweden: a study based on the discoveries from Helgö

Torun Zachrisson, The holiness of Helgö

Synnöve Reisborg, The twenty-sixth figural gold foil. Report on the 1981 excavation of the remaining part of Foundation II in Building Group 2