Opuscula 7 | 2014

Opuscula 7 | 2014 – Annual of the Swedish Institutes at Athens and Rome

Series Opuscula, 7

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  • Published 2014
  • Isbn 9789197779869
  • Type Paperback
  • 257 pages
  • Opuscula, 7
  • English

CHIARA M. MAZZERI | Ancestors at the gate. Form, function and symbolism of the imagines moiorum. A comparative analysis of Etruscan and Roman funerary art

LARS KARLSSON, JESPER BLID KULLBERG, BAPTISTE VERGNAUD & AGNETA FRECCERO | Labraunda 20 12-2013. A preliminary report on the work at the sanctuary. With a new reconstruction drawing of the sanctuary by Jesper Blid Kullberg and an appendix by Fredrik Tobin

PETER M. FISCHER & TERESA BÜRGE | The New Swedish Cyprus Expedition 2013. Excavations at Hala Sultan Tekke. Preliminary results. With contributions by R. Árnadóttir M. Mehofer, F. Köstelbauer, A. Satraki, L. Mazzotta & A.Trecarichi, D. Blattner, B. Stolle & A. Miltiadous Johansson

SVANTE FISCHER | The solidus hoard of Casa delle Vestali in context

PETER M. FISCHER & TERESA BÜRGE | The Swedish Jordan Expedition 2013 at Tall Abu al-Kharaz. Preliminary results from Areas 9, 10 and 11

BERIT WELLS IN MEMORIAM | By Arto Penttinen & Jenny Wallensten

GUNNEL EKROTH | Castration, cult and agriculture. Perspectives on Greek animal sacrifice

CHARLOTTE SCHEFFER | Cooking stands and braziers in Greek sanctuaries

SIGNE ISAGER | New inscriptions in the Bodrum Museum. A Hellenistic foundation from the area of Mylasa

JENNY WALLENSTEN | Karpophoroi deities and the Attic cult of Ge

Notes on IG 112 4758

SARAH P. MORRIS | Dairy Queen. Churns and milk products in the Aegean Bronze Age

MONICA NILSSON | A note on domestic vs communal grain storage in the Early Helladic period

Book reviews.