Ethnologia Scandinavica 2007

Ethnologia Scandinavica 2007 – A Journal for Nordic Ethnology

Birgitta Svensson (ed.)

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  • Published 2007
  • Type Paperback
  • 195 pages
  • English

Ethnologia Scandinavica utkommer med ett nummer per år. Den innehåller artiklar om nordisk etnologisk forskning. Där finns även en omfattande recensionsavdelning. Artiklarna är huvudsakligen avfattade på engelska, men även tyska förekommer.


Svensson, Birgitta: Editorial.

Høyrup, Jon Frederik & Munk, Anders Kristian: Translating Terroir. Sociomaterial Potentials in Ethnography and Wine-growing.

“You Are Nobody While You Are Wating”. Asylum Seekers' Experiences of Nothingness.

Hellesund, Tone: Deadly Identities? Homosexuality, Adolescence and Parasuicide.

Idvall, Markus & Lundin, Susanne: Transplantation with Kidneys from Marginal Donors. Risk Patients’ Informed Consent to Different Treatment Alternatives.

Ideland, Malin: Sick Children. How Medial and Personal Experiences are Woven Together.

Boeskov, Signe & Folke Olsen, Nanna: Complex Communities. Homeless Greenlanders in Copenhagen.

Lönnqvist, Bo: The Student Boiler Suit and Long John Drinking. Dressing and Undressing on the Journey towards Authenticity.

Hangasmaa, Leena: “The Land and the Sky will Persist”, The Finnish Farmer’s Relationship to Nature in Constituting. Continuity in the EU Transition Stage.