Gregers Matssons kostbok för Stegeborg 1487–1492





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Gregers Matssons kostbok för Stegeborg 1487–1492 – Utgiven med kommentar och register av Zeth Alvered

Zeth Alvered

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  • Published 1999
  • Isbn 9197174599
  • Type Paperback
  • 314 pages
  • Swedish

Roughly two thirds of this volume constitutes a critical edition of the late medieval nobleman Gregers Matsson's food and fodder book for Stegeborg 1487- 1492, C 33 in the National Record Office (Riksarkivet), Stockholm. This work, together with the previous Gregers Matsson's account books (Gregers Matssons riikenskaper, 1996), presents the bulk of his written remains.

The philological edition is accompanied by a commentary and registers of individuals, places, and words. These registers should enhance the usefulness of the edition, not least for other disciplines, perhaps history in particular. The commentary takes up some linguistic features of the seven different hands, although in a more cursory manner than in the previous work. This is due to the more stereotype nature of this volume and the small extent of the contributions by all scribes except Francie, who was Danish and probably came from the now Swedish province ofScania (Skane). Other subjects of commentaries include the genre of medieval accounting; scribes and their handwriting; the physical appearance of the manuscript; measures, weights, and coinage; and words of special semantic interest. The edition is illustrated with an appendix of 8 photographs showing samples of the different hands and the cover of the volume.

Keywords: philology, transcription, analysis of handwriting, Old Swedish, Old Danish, medieval accounts, Stegeborg.

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