Sancta Birgitta: Opera minora 3





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Sancta Birgitta: Opera minora 3 – Quattuor oraciones

Sten Eklund (ed.)

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The Quattuor Oraciones were composed by St. Birgitta of Sweden and form a part of her Revelations. They have been edited with the aid of all the known MSS. The edition contains an introduction describing the history of the Latin and Old Swedish texts, the MSS and their interrelations, as well as discussions of textual problems and issues such as the use of cursus. The Latin text is edited from a suitable sample of MSS and one hitherto unedited, Old Swedish version has also been printed. As is customary, certain indexes are included in the edition.

Keywords: St. Birgitta, St. Bridget, Revelation, Quattuor oraciones, prayer, Vadstena, spirituality.