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kritisk etnografi – Swedish Journal of Anthropology, 2019, Vol 2 – Issue 1-2, “Comparative Municipal Ethnographies“

Sten Hagberg (red.), Jörgen Hellman (red.)

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  • Publicerad 2019
  • Isbn 9789188929334
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  • 194 sidor
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Introductory Note by the Editors-in-Chief

Sten Hagberg and Jörgen Hellman

Comparative Municipal Ethnographies

Introduction: Comparative Municipal Ethnographies

Sten Hagberg

Community Development and the Third Wave of Decentralisation in Indonesia: The Politics of the 2014 Village Law

Hans Antlöv

Political Gender Dilemmas of Conflict and Complementarity in Bolivia: Quotas, Resistance and Parallelism

Charlotta Widmark

“Like the Chicken and the Egg”: Market Vendors and the Dilemmas of Neoliberal Urban Planning in Re-Centralised Kampala (Uganda)

Anna Baral

“Tout a été loti!”: Decentralisation, Land Speculation and Urban Expansion in Niamey, Niger

Gabriella Körling and Hassane Moussa Ibrahima

Diaspora-Driven Development and Dispute: Home-Area Associations and Municipal Politics in Mali

Sten Hagberg and Bintou Koné

From Refuge to Rights: Majnu ka Tilla Tibetan Colony in New Delhi

Madhura Balasubramaniam and Sonika Gupta

Local Politics in Controlling Commercial Sex in a Philippine Municipality

Mari-Elina Ekoluoma

Divisive Democracy, Urban Trade, and Small-Small Politics in Northern Ghana

Ulrik Jennische

The Rise and Fall of a Political Party: Handling Political Failure in Municipal Elections in Burkina Faso

Sten Hagberg


About the Moralities of the Commons in the East African Cattle Economy

Gudrun Dahl

Harmonization and Ethnographic Critique in the Context of Innovation Politics

Torbjörn Friberg

Witnessing Anthropological Journeys, and the Returns: A Report from the 2019 Vega Symposium

Jörgen Hellman