Opuscula 14 | 2021

Opuscula 14 | 2021 – Annual of the Swedish Institutes at Athens and Rome

Serie Opuscula, 14

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  • Publicerad 2021
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  • Opuscula, 14
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Zarko Tankosic, Fanis Mavridis, Paschalis Zafeiriadis & Aikaterini Psoma | Gourimadi Archaeological Project. The results from the first excavation season (2018) of a prehistoric site in the Karystia, southern Euboea

Anton Bonnier, Therese Emanuelsson-Paulson, Dimitra Mylona & Arto Penttinen | The Kalaureia Excavation Project. A preliminary report of the work carried out in Area L between 2015 and 2018

Maria Vaïopoulou, Robin Rönnlund, Fotini Tsiouka, Derek Pitman, Sotiria Dandou, Rich Potter & Johan Klange | Some preliminary notes on the limited 2020 campaign of the Palamas Archaeological Project (PAP)

Alcestis Papadimitriou | An ancient cityscape and its people: A study of ancient Hermione. Introductory remarks on historical sources and visible remains, archaeological research and prospects

Henrik Gerding | The topography of Hermione—A preliminary outline

Jesper Blid, with an appendix by Baukje van den berg | The Temple of Demeter Chthonia at Hermione

Patrik Klingborg | The cisterns of the Bisti promontory at Hermione. With a preliminary description of the Roman aqueduct

Angeliki Kossyva | Life and death in ancient Hermione. Excavations in the necropolis

Jenny Wallensten | The key to Hermione? Notes on an inscribed monument

Anne-Marie Leander Touati, Thomas Staub & Renée Forsell | From 2D and 3D documentation to 4D interpretation. Building archaeological conclusions and workflow strategies gained by remote study of Insula V 1, Pompeii

Vassos Karageorghis & Efstathios Raptou, with appendices by Alexander Donald, Gisèle Clerc & Anna Spyrou | Palaepaphos-Teratsoudhia Tomb 288 (c. 1650 BC–c. 1200 BC)

Sabine Fourrier & Anna Georgiadou, in collaboration with Bérénice Chamel, Nathalia Denninger, Armelle Gardeisen, Katerina Papayanni & Tatiana Theodoropoulou | The death of infants in Early Iron Age Cyprus. A jar burial from Kition-Bamboula

Nota Kourou | Ancestral and chthonic cults at Tenos

Jenifer Neils | Bulls and Rams. The sacrifice of Erechteus

J.Z. Van Rookhuijzen | The Turkish harem in the Karyatid Temple and antagonistic narratives on the Athenian Acropolis

Chrysanthos Kanellopoulos & Elena Partida | The Temple of Zeus at Lebadea. The architecture and the semantics of a colossus

Lisa Hagelin | Commending a freedman. Virtues and masculinities in the recommendation letters of Cicero and Pliny the Younger

Julia Habetzeder | The invitation to the Dance. An intertextual reassessment

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