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Opuscula 15 | 2022 – Annual of the Swedish institutes at Athens and Rome

Serie Opuscula, 15

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  • Publicerad 2022
  • Isbn 9789197779944
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  • Opuscula, 15
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Peter M.Fischer & Teresa Bürge et al.| The Swedish Cyprus Expedition (The Söderberg Expedition): Excavations at Hala Sultan Tekke 202 and 2021. Preliminary results

Maria Vaïopoulou, Robin Rönnlund, Fotini Tsiouka, Johan Klange, Derek Pitman, Sotira Dandou, Rich Potter, Lawrence Shaw, Lewis Webb, Stelios Ieremias, Ian Randall & Harry Manley| Roman and Early Byzantine evidence from the area of Palamas. A Preliminary report of the ongoing Greek-Swedish archaeological work in the region of karditsa, Thessaly

Örjan Wikander | Late Etruscan tripod thymiateria

Henrik Gerding & Nicolò Dell'unto | The Basilika Sempronia and the Forum Romanum

Nicholas Stanley-Price | Memorial sculpture in the protestant cemetary at Rome.

New discoveries and an inventory of identified works

Erika Weiberg & Martin Finé | Human-environment dynamics in the ancient Mediterranean.

Book reviews

Dissertation abstracts 2020-2022