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Excursions in Art Nouveau – A book by Magnus Palm, Markus Dimdal, Jennifer Ousbäck and Göran Bratt

Göran Bratt, Markus Dimdal, Jennifer Ousbäck Thorsén, Magnus Palm (red.)
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  • Publicerad 2022
  • Isbn 9789188929761
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  • 224 sidor
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Excursions in Art Nouveau isa book about an interesting and unique collection, formed over 50 years by Dr. Göran Bratt. His early botanical interest resulted in him becoming fascinated in the way plants and flowers were used to decorate glass and ceramic objects, something that became particularly popular in the late 19th century and into the 20th century and is commonly known as the Art Nouveau style. It was also called Jugend and was a reaction to the Victorian period's heavy, rigid and often dark designs.

The book is nota historical treatise with deeply analytical essays but more a catalogue of a collection, where everything, from simple everyday items to real rarities are given the same importance and each documented in text and photographs. Notes on the artists and the factories/studios that designed and produced the items are also provided. The items are arranged in chapters on glass, porcelain and ceramics, bronzes, silver and pewter, as well as furniture, art and diverse small items. The glass of Galle, the underglaze-painted porcelain from Rörstrand and the bronzes of Hugo Elmqvist are of particular interest and can be considered as focused collections in the whole set.

Göran Bratt has collected things that he liked - things that "spoke to his heart". He has not collected as an investment or to produce an imposing display. "From childhood I loved wandering in the countryside identifying and studying flowers and plants - especially on the Swedish west coast where the family spent the summers. I later discovered the same type of enjoyment from identifying flowers and plants on Art Nouveau objects. When an object speaks to one's heart a warmth spreads over one in the same way as when I find a rare plant or flower". In a final chapter Göran Bratt presents a botanical portrait of around 70 of the favourite plants and flowers of the Art Nouveau artists represented in his collection.