Applying History III







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Applying History III – Student Essays in Applied History at the Stockholm School of Economics 2022

Carl Ritter (red.), Rikard Westerberg

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  • Publicerad 2022
  • Isbn 9789188717368
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The Applied History course at the Stockholm School of Economics aims at highlighting the importance of history, especially regarding great power rivalry and issues of world order, for understanding our own age. It is devised to teach students the many ways in which a deep historical understanding, a "historical sensibility", can expand their knowledge of contemporary policy issues in economics and politics as well gaining insights into how decision-makers have used and misused history. In 2022, the course ran for the third time. In accordance with an educational tradition of "small groups, big ideas" twelve students have participated in seminars with renowned schalars in history, international relations, and economics from Sweden, the UK, the US, and Finland. This anthology contains the students' final essays from the 2022 course. As in the course lectures and literature, topics span from antiquity to the unravelling of the Cold War.